Dwayne Griffin, born in London in the year of 1987.

Raised by his mother Lorna Haughton who unknowingly introduced him to fine fabrics and Materials whilst choosing and creating her own curtains.

By the age of 12, Dwayne had a distinctive recognition for modern brands as he’s older brother frequently brought home clothing when working in one of London’s department stores.

Now at a age and position to create he’s own clothing line, Lagriffinaire was born.

Materials became apart of him after purchasing he’s first sewing machine. He learnt how to use this machine in he’s bedroom and from there on to produce fine art on clothing.

Lagriffinaire is a creative luxury clothing line which aims to produce unique and exclusive clothes for people of different walks of life.

We intend to stay original and to bring creativeness into the fashion industry.

I saved up to buy my first sewing machine.
From that day onwards I knew my passion for designing would take me to great heights.
- Dwayne Griffin